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We Provide Yoga sessions in groups and individually at your doorstep. Yoga can heal your mental stress and keeps you away from Doctors!!! Yoga is a stress relieving and happiness provider.

Whether you are looking for a way to maintain your fitness, or lose weight, or achieve greater fitness and flexibility, you will find a solution at

On the other hand you will notice a deep and positive change in your lifestyle, your peace of mind, and spiritual wellbeing, through discipline of body, breath, emotions, mind and spirit.

Our team of certified and experienced yoga instructors will bring the benefits of yoga to your workplace at times that are convenient for you and your employees.

We Offers Yoga Training for Corporate, Hospitals, Hotels, B.P.O Groups & R.W.As., Personal trainer at home at Delhi/NCR region. Services are flexible and designed as per requirements of different Industries to fit their need. We are committed to bringing health and wellness to companies of all sizes.

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Join a class today to feel fantastic and look phenomenal !

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About Myself

yoga guru kamalYogguru Kamal

+91-9891148647, 8851799278 (M)

Certified/Experience yoga instructor giving training to various age groups since more than 7 year now, to spread the Yoga in society for the maximum benefit of all.

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Why Yogasana ?

  • Yoga is a series of postures designed to improve strength, balance and flexibility.
  • Yoga is so much more than a just a physical workout - that's why it's so addictive.
  • At the Yoga Trainer, we passionately believe that Yoga is for everyone. It doesn't matter how fit you are, how old you are or how flexible.
  • The Yoga we teach is not about learning to put your feet behind your ears, it's about learning to love and look after the body you’ve been given. It's about knowing your limits and then daring to push them a little

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